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Surin Beach Guide

What to Do in Surin Beach

Surin beach is very nice beach and cleaned ,it's a small village ,anyhouse of them are different because some people poor and some rich ,some group of people are buddist and some are muslim and somepeople are christian because they moved from Europian and there are many nice house of them also and they have thai-girlfriend .The most people here are gadener,feeding the animal,merchat ,taxi driver .employee of the hotel or somewhere else The charector of the people like to smile when theymeet with another and very kindness.

You will impress with them if can come to visit here and we can garantee as you will see the nice natural of anyhill ,anybeach and we have manything nice of product for your shopping and we have massage center you will enjoy when you touch on .We have many of thai and Europian food as you wish.

Surin Activities


In high season the water at Surin Beach is exceptionally clear and some good snorkeling can be found by the rocks at the north and south ends of the beach. Equipment can be rented on the beach easily.

In low season the water is not clear and the waves make snorkelling very difficult. Volleyball is played when there's enough participants, there's a net close to the car park. Throughout the length several salas have been set up for Thai massage at the top of the beach. What's not Swimming.


Due to the lack of a launch area speedboats are rare which pleases many. In high season jetskis are launched from other beaches so don't feature as prominently as on other beaches. Kayaks can be hired and is popular with exclusive Pansea Beach a short distance away and only accessible through the hotels there or via the sea. Laem Singh beach is a little further but within reach if kayaking.