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Communication in Thailand

Communication in Thailand

Telephone services & Mobile phone services

International phone calls can be made easily from almost every hotel in Thailand with direct dialing to and from more than 80 countries across the globe. There are special booths for making oversea calls at post offices as well as international phone booths in Phuket and other tourist areas where debit cards can be purchased for use.

The international dialing code for Thailand is +66. When making an international call to Thailand add 66 and omit the leading 0.

For international calls from Thailand, dial 001 then the country code, area code and the telephone number.

For directory assistance, call 1133 for local numbers; 100 for overseas

International Roaming Mobile Phone

A Subscriber Identity Module Card (SIM Card) is available for Thai and foreign customers from mobile phone shops as well as at Suwarnabhumi Airport at the AIS, DTAC, and True counter between Gates 5-7, 2nd Floor of the Arrivals Hall. The SIM Card must be used in conjunction with a Digital GSM mobile phone within the 900-MHz range or a Digital PCN mobile phone within the 1800- MHz range.

Internet Services

Thailand is continually expanding its IT services for residents and tourists, and now may accommodation establishments, coffee shops and fast-food outlets have WiFi. For those, who don’t carry laptop with you, there are numerous cybercafe nationwide.