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Phuket Meditation Retreat & Mind Training, Thailand

This life is surprisingly short and doesn't leave much time to do all the things that create more balance in this world. We strongly believe that by cultivating the mind, attaining inner peace and developing compassion as well as loving kindness, joy and equanimity we could seriously change the world.



Mind & Body Cleanse Classes

Mind & meditation teaching is widely available in Thailand for Thais and visitors alike, ranging from English langauge day classes through to intensive week-long Vipassana courses at remote retreats in the province.


FORTHCOMING RETREATS: November & December 2015


Advantage of practice in Phuket, Thailand


To visit Thailand is to experience Thai Buddhism - for the culture and religion cannot be separated. Thais have followed and supported the Buddha's teachings for more than a thousand years. Much of Thai life centers around the local temple where people come for worship, sermons, advice on family matters, meditation, schooling for children, and traditional medicine.


Meditation Techniques & Natural internal practice


Meditation practice is the heart of this program. Everything revolves around the evolution of mind. As our practice times are relatively open so you can take it easy and discover the joy of meditation in your own pace.



Impulsive and habitual patterns dominate our daily life and make us act without really knowing what we actually do. We are constantly doing things without really knowing that we do them. We lack the awareness, the mindfulness to clearly remain present while we act. That leads to uncontrolled behavior and uncontrolled results of course. That’s really the reason why the world is so out of balance. Think about this impulsive, habitual behavior for a second and image it would actually serve you









November 2015

Full 4 Day Dharana Retreats 23rd - 27th November 2015


Dharana Retreats in Phuket 30th November - 4th December 2015




December 2015

Mind Training Full 4 Day Retreats December 14th - 18th 2015

Mind Training Full 4 Day Retreats December 21th - 25th 2015





Private courses & consultations are also available. If this sounds of interest, please do get in touch